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Buying or selling a piece of property can be an exciting process. If you are buying, you can begin to look forward to the memories you’ll create and if you’re selling, you can think about the great experiences you had. However, it can be a complicated process at times. You have rights that need to be considered and protected. This is where I come in. I am the real estate attorney that will serve as your trusted advisor from start to finish.

As the premier real estate attorney in the Tampa, FL area, Sheldon L.Wind, P.A. is a name that comes with excellence and professionalism. I make sure that your needs are met, your rights are protected and your best interest is always the number one priority. I set the bar high and take great pride in living up to it.

As a hard working real estate attorney, I yield many benefits, but a few of them include:

Protect Buyer - When buying a home, many times there are clauses or conditions that the sale rests upon. It is the effectiveness of these legal items that can benefit or harm a buyer, should something not go according to plan. I’ll make sure your paperwork protects you.

Protect Seller - Just as with buyers, the sellers have rights too. For example, any defects in the title can cause issues with the sale. I will take a close look at your paperwork to make sure you are not vulnerable in any way.

Document Review - There are hundreds of documents involved in a real estate transaction. Buyers don’t even read them on closing day because it would take days to get through it all. With my document review services, I’ll make sure your affairs are in order and that the sale will be smooth.

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